“How to become motivated instantly”

by Antonio on October 8, 2012

how to become motivated instantly

How would you like to become motivated instantly?  With this simple technique you’ll be able to power through mundane tasks.  Have you ever noticed how you can become motivated to do something you enjoy doing?  And in other times it seems like such a chore?

Is this because you are lazy?  Is it because you are “broken”?  Nope.  You just haven’t found out how you get motivated.  Notice I didn’t say why.  You are probably aware of the fact people become motivated instantly to take action because it doesn’t feel like a chore.  If something feels good and excites us, we are naturally compelled to take action.

How to become motivated instantly


I’d like for you to think about an activity that you wouldn’t hesitate to do.  Make sure this is something that really gets you ready to jump out of your seat and take action.  If you’re a surfer, does the idea of surfing some huge barrels get you ready to jump on the board?  If you’re not a surfer, think of something that gets you pumped and ready for action.

For this little experiment you’re going to need two mental pictures.  Picture #1 will be of the thing you are extremely motivated to do.  In picture #1 you will see everything through your own eyes.  Picture #2 will be what you are not motivated to do but need/want to do.  For picture #2 you will see yourself doing the activity that seems like a chore.

  1. Prepare the images.  See picture #2 (boring, mundane and watching yourself) and mentally place picture #1 (motivated and from your own eyes) behind it.
  2. Now very quickly. Open a small hole in picture #2 revealing picture #1 right behind it.  Open up this hole as big as you need to get the full body response of when you become motivated instantly.  While you doing this scream out loud (or internally if you want) something like “Whoooshhhhh!!!” You basically want to have a full body experience of what its like to become motivated in an instant.  You want your blood boiling over in excitement!
  3. Shrink that hole down.  Now shrink that hole down fast, but only as fast as you can maintain that same motivated feeling from picture #1.
  4. Rinse, Wash, Repeat ;) Repeat  steps 5 and 6 as quickly as you can for at least 5 times.
  5. Test the change.  Close your eyes and think about picture #2.  Do you feel more compelled to do this activity now?  If the feelings is not as strong as you want do it for a few more rounds.

To recap.  Have picture #2 (the chore) in front of picture #1 (the fun stuff).  Quickly open a hole in picture #2, revealing picture #1 and get those excited feelings going.  Try to scream out loud (or internally) when you have that hole rip open.  Just as quickly as you opened up the hole, close it down only as fast as you still feel the feelings from the motivated picture.  Repeat the opening of the hole to reveal picture #1 numerous times.  Test the result by mentally looking at picture #2.  If you feel motivated to do it, then voila!  You’re done ;)   If its not as strong do the technique a few more times.

With this simple technique you are attaching the feelings of the motivated picture (#1) to the mundane picture (#2).  While this technique is great for motivating yourself to do simple mundane tasks, more work might be needed.  If this is the case I’d like to suggest that you book a session with me.
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P.S. I’d love to know what you think about this simple technique.  Please leave me a comment and let me know how you used it to motivate yourself.

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