Whats holding you back from living the life you want to live?

by Antonio on October 8, 2012

Whats holding you back

Whats holding you back from…


The life you want to live?  Is there some kind of personal change that you have been wanting to make?  Does it seem like every time you want to do whatever it is, something seems to hold you back?

If so, I’d like to invite you to play a little reality game.  If you know whats holding you back and you’d like to share this in the comments section below, leave me a comment.  You don’t have to use your real name if you feel more comfortable with that.  I’ll be glad to give you some advice as to how to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish.

You may be wondering why I want you to do this.  I’m not interested in you airing your “dirty laundry”.  Like I said before – you can leave an anonymous comment.  I like to see how people place limitations on their selves.  If you have any kind of issue, problem, self-imposed limitation, etc. I’d like to suggest that you challenge the very foundation of it.

“What if I can’t find out whats holding me back from getting what I want?”

Having a hard time finding whats holding you back from whatever it is you want? I have a fun little experiment for you.  I want you to first realize something.

Every behaviours is there for a reason.  Every behavior, no matter how silly it seems, is serving some kind of function.  If smoking didn’t do something for smokers, they wouldn’t smoke.  If people who are overweight didn’t get something out of overeating, they wouldn’t overeat.  People have behaviours for a reason.

With that being said I want you to play around with the idea that a “part” of you is causing this behaviour.  If you were able to feel this part of you in your body, where would you notice these feelings?

  1. Connect with this part of you.  Just close your eyes and think about the behaviour you want to change.  Take as much time as you need to really connect with this part.  Notice where you can actually feel this part in your body.  Is it in your hands, your chest, face, etc.
  2. Acknowledge this part.  There is a reason that its causing this behaviour/symptom.  It wants to know that you are listening.  Simply thank this “part” for doing whatever it does for you.  Let it know that you are listening.
  3. Close your eyes and.  Just pretend that you can actually pull this part out and take a look at it.  Become aware of the texture of this part, the weight, color, shape, etc.
  4. Ask this part of you.  “What do you want for me”. “what do you do for me”.  “What is your purpose”.  “What positive things do you want for me”.
  5. Once you have a general idea… of the positive things this part wants for you close your eyes and ask this part.  “What would you look like when I have these positive things?”.  Then become aware and notice how this part that you pulled out of your body can begin to change.  Notice how the weight of this part can change.  How the texture can change.  The sounds, the shape, etc.  Take as much time as you need then move on.
  6. Pull this part back into your body and…Notice how it feels differently in your body.  As you do this allow your mind to kind of drift off and imagine how things will turn out differently with this part in the future.

Keep in mind that this is a simple little experiment.  I normally use a technique similar to this when people book a session with me.  Hypnosis is an interactive process and things don’t always work exactly “by the book”.  Thats when I have to improvise.  Its a little harder to improvise with the written word.  Another thing you can try is…

listening to the free Hypnosis MP3 I give to my newsletter subscribers for a few days.  To get this free hypnosis mp3 leave a comment and let me know what you discovered.  When you leave a comment select the checkbox that says “Yes! I want to get a free hypnosis MP3 and a 10% discount on your services by signing up for your free newsletter”.  

If you want you can also try this little experiment every day after listening to the mp3.  This hypnosis MP3 may give you spontaneous insights and help you to solve this problem from the inside out.  Let me know any insights you got with this little experiment, any setbacks or questions and I’ll reply with some advice.  Remember that you don’t have to put your real name in the comment.

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P.S. Feel free to let me know what you think of this fun little experiment.

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