How to reduce anxiety and how to stop worrying

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May 21  

If you’re struggling with anxiety and how to reduce anxiety, you’re in the right place. You’re about to discover how to reduce anxiety and worrying.

First things first though, before we jump to some techniques…let’s cover some ground material.

If you’re experiencing a medical emergy, call 911 immediately. If you are having thoughts of self harm or suicide call the National Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-8255. There is no shame is admitting you need help. I was suicidal twenty years ago. I was able to reach out and get help.

Ok, now that we’ve got that covered – let’s get cracking.

If you’ve suffered from anxiety for any amount of time, it’s no mystery to you. You’re probably aware of the specific situations and contexts that spike your anxiety up. Your anxiety jumping up might seem random and uncontrollable.

But when you really drill down into what triggers your anxiety?

It’s a pattern (or set of patterns). These patterns might not be so obvious to you at first. But as you start to use these techniques, you’ll spot these patterns left and right.

Watch this video below to discover how to reduce anxiety. As well as how to stop worrying.

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How To Reduce Anxiety With H.A.L.T

how to reduce anxiety

So what is H.A.L.T?

H.A.L.T. is a great emotional regulation tool. A tool that comes from addiction treatment world. It’s a simple acronym addicts use to identify the most common triggers.

Triggers that can lead to relapse.

Remember how we talked unconscious patterns driving your anxiety?

You do remember? Good, let’s push on…

You see, H.A.L.T. can help show you how to reduce anxiety. It can also show you how to stop worrying. Ever feel like anxiety comes out of nowhere?

Get in the practice of observing what is going on in the moment. Become a detective. Anytime you’re feeling anxious, ask yourself:

“Am I hungry, angry, lonely, or tired?”

Experiencing any one of those? Take time to address your needs. Your needs are valid.

How To Stop Worrying With The A.C.T. Method

You’re about to stumble on how to stop worrying

Another great way to discover how to stop worrying, is from A.C.T.

A.C.T (Acceptance And Commitment Therapy) works great for anxiety and worrisome thoughts.

One of my favorite tools from A.C.T. is “Leaves On A Stream”. The Leaves On A Stream exercise uses cognitive defusion.

“What is cognitive defusion?” Great question. Cognitive defusion is the ability to look at thoughts, rather than buying into them. Or even getting caught up in your thoughts.

When you get caught up into your thoughts, anxiety is sure to follow. Using this exercise will show you how to reduce anxiety.

Step 1) Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine that you’re sitting next to a gentle flowing stream or river. Imagine leaves floating along the surface of the water. Do this for a few moments.

Step 2) Anytime a thought enters your mind, place it on a leaf. Watch that leaf float down this stream or this river, taking this thought with it.

Place every thought that enters your mind on a leaf. Doesn’t matter if it’s a positive, negative or neutral though.

Step 3) Your thoughts stop? Observe these leafs floating down the river. If thoughts pop back into your mind, simply place them on a leaf floating by.

Step 4) Allow this stream to flow along naturally. Avoid speeding up or the river or rushing any leafs along. You’re not trying to get rid of any thoughts. Just allowing them to come and go.

Step 5) If any negative thoughts pop in your head like:

“this sucks,”, “I’m doing something wrong,” or “I’m bored”?

Just place these thoughts on leaves floating by.

Step 6) If a leaf get’s stuck? Don’t do anything with it. Observe this leaf hanging around hang around until it’s ready to float down the river.

Step 7) Simply acknowledge it any painful emotions that come up. You can say to yourself “I notice I’m having having a feeling of sadness”. Or whatever the feeling is. Next plcae this thought & feeling on a leaf floating by.

Step 8) Don’t worry should you get distracted by any thoughts. This is normal. Just allow your attention to come back to the exercise. And watch the leaves float on by.

Allow this stream or river to slowly vanish after a few minutes of this exericse. Open your eyes and take a nice stretch.

Daily practice of Leaves On A Stream will show you how to reduce anxiety. On top of reducing anxiety, this will also show you how to stop worrying.

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