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What Is This Hypnosis For Anxiety Thing All About?

Simply put.

It's about a cutting-edge hypnosis session that will help you to stop your panic attacks (and feel normal again) reprogramming your unconscious patterns and negative beliefs that cause your anxiety. hypnosis for anxiety

So Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Antonio Perez. I'm a former victim to severe anxiety and panic attacks turned hypnotist.

I love sharing my story of how I overcome severe anxiety (and depression) with hypnosis and other therapuetic techniques.

But I was fed up with the lack of quality programs or services available. hypnosis for anxiety

So I created my Hypnosis For Anxiety program that helps people like you to overcome your anxiety and panic you can feel like yourself again.

Here's What Former Clients Have Said:

The physical signs of stress disappeared

Jenny Roberts - Writer

My anxiety caused me trouble with addressing the daily chores I had to do.  I’d worry if my time was best spent on these things...or if I should worry about the bigger to-do lists for my future.

After I used this technique, the physical signs of stress disappeared.  It's now been a few weeks of keeping this method on hand. I can sense a change in my ability to do what I need to do without being paralyzed by anxiety.

I like it because it's a quick process that I can use whenever stress or anxiety creeps in.

Antonio helped me get to the root of the issue

Jenny Roberts - Writer

Before working with Antonio, anxiety was touching all parts of my life. I was feeling unsure of myself and my decision making abilities.

I believed that anxiety was something I would need to "deal with" forever. Rather than giving me a "coping mechanism", he helped me get to the root of the issue.

Now I'm feeling confident in my decisions. Instead of feeling anxiety, I've stepped into a sense of wholeness and well being.

I'm noticing new changes every day!

when I began to study, I wasn’t riddled with anxiety

Jenny Roberts - Writer

I have medically diagnosed anxiety. I felt overwhelmed when reading articles for my College degree. My heart would race and I’d lose focus. This left me feeling defeated and hopeless.

I began to accept the idea I’d always scramble to study at the last minute and be stuck in a state of panic.

I was skeptical at first. But I noticed the benefits almost instantly. The next day when I began to study, I wasn’t overwhelmed or riddled with anxiety.

I feel calm and peaceful now. I am a lot happier as a result!

Antonio was a great coach, he put me at ease to the point I could relax and immerse myself in the session. He’s incredibly knowledgeable in the area of anxiety.

The visualizations were easy and Antonio made the process comfortable

I worked with Antonio via Zoom to release some blocks that were holding me back from stepping into success in my life. The visualizations were easy and Antonio made the process comfortable. I'm now moving into EXACTLY the things I wanted to do but felt stuck on before! I highly recommend his center for anyone looking to release anxiety or subconscious blocks.

The visualizations were easy and Antonio made the process comfortable

I worked with Antonio and was extremely happy with the results. He helped me to shift my entire mindset around money. It’s been over a year since we worked together and the changes have stuck with me. I highly recommend him!

I thought I just couldn’t manage money well.

I feel very confident with Antonio's abilities to support his client 's and make them feel safe.

I was struggling with negative thinking patterns that were creating a lot of sadness.

Antonio did an excellent job of supporting me. After working with him I no longer felt sad and alone.

His enthusiasm is contagious! His love for Hypnotherapy and his years of experience have made him an excellent practitioner.

Antonio is a fun personable guy, and I really enjoyed working with him. 

Lacey R, Michigan

I was struggling with a lot of built up anger towards someone (and also some anxiety about being around this person.)

I didn’t feel like I could control my anger when I was this person.

This issue seemed to take over my brain for larger chunks of time than I would like it to, making me inefficient at most other things going on in my life.

I do feel very confident, only an hour after our session, and I believe it will only get better over time.

Our session helped me have more confidence in handling myself with this other person in a more calm and collected way.

I expect to keep my cool when this person pushes my buttons. I also feel more free to just be myself, laugh, and have fun!

Antonio helped me to get rid of the invasive thoughts (and fears) of my abusive ex. 


After leaving an abusive relationship I was struggling to do normal things like use the dishwasher and check the mail. These were two things that used to make my ex yell at me.  The fear was drilled into me over the years leaving me feeling paralyzed.

This was embarrassing because I’d break down in tears when I heard the dishwasher beep. I’d spiral out of control into panic and anxiety (even though I wasn’t in danger anymore).

If I had friends over they would offer to load the dishwasher. I’d beg them not to and I’d hand wash everything.

Before the session I thought I was an idiot that would be in pain forever (and I’d never function properly again.)

The next day I noticed the fear was released right away.

Antonio helped me to get rid of the invasive thoughts (and fears) of my ex. 

As a result I’m so much more relaxed without the constant fear about doing simple tasks. 

I feel like a normal person now just going on with my life. 

Now I am able to accept my emotions without being afraid of them.


I was struggling with feeling and accepting my emotions. I avoided situations that I thought had the potential to be emotional.

I found Antonio to be understanding and flexible in his approach. I can be quite awkward to work with, but he knew how to use his skills to get around my reluctance to be open. 

Previous experience has tended to focus on digging into my past which doesn’t work for me. Antonio focused on the present and challenged me to think about emotions as things that I could engage with rather than things that could control me.

Now I am able to accept my emotions without being afraid of them. It is a slow process but each day I push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I would recommend Antonio because I feel like he knows what he is talking about. He understands the theory behind the methods he uses and knows how to apply them to real life situations and experiences in a personalised way.

Now I am able to accept my emotions without being afraid of them.


"I have been a pack-a-day smoker for 16 years. I have attempted quitting smoking several times but have failed miserably every time. Thanks a million Antonio you have a gift and I am forever indebted to you. "

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