WARNING: Before you can get your hands on this ebook, you need to follow the 3 simple steps below. 

Step #1

GO to your email inbox. Look for the subject line:  “From Antonio”.

Step #2

Click the button in that email that says "confirm subscription"

Step #3

If you don't see an email that says "From Antonio" follow the simple instructions below.


If something goes wrong

"Help! It's been 10 minutes and I haven't gotten an email with the subject line -  'From Antonio'

First and foremost - watch the video below and follow all the instructions (the instructions are also written below the video).

  • Check your spam folder: Everyone's inbox is unique, the confirmation email may have been accidentally sent to spam. If this happened, mark the email 'not spam' and click the Confirm link inside the email
  • Check your Promo tab (if you use Gmail): Because I use ActiveCampaign to send my newsletter, Gmail sometimes puts my emails into the "Promo" tab even though they're content based, especially the first time someone subscribes.  If this happened, just 'click & drag' the email to your Primary tab (it's on the far left)
  • Check that your email was typed correctly: I accidentally mis-type my email all the time, and it can result in not subscribing properly.  If you think you may have mis-typed your email, add your first name and email to the form below and click "sign me up!"